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100 years of the Tararua Tramping Club

July 3rd, 2019


The Tararua Tramping Club (TTC) was founded in 1919. At that time, most people in New Zealand viewed tramping as an odd form of recreation, but today tramping has become one of New Zealand’s most popular leisure pursuits. The club also fostered climbing, embraced skiing and encouraged women to participate in all these activities. And its leaders encouraged the formation of other clubs throughout the country.


In this presentation, freelance writer and photographer Shaun Barnett and author Chris Maclean will explore the context of 100 years of organised tramping in New Zealand, how the club formed, why it was a success and how it set a model for other clubs to follow.


These monthly Public History Talks are a collaboration between the National Library of New Zealand and the Ministry for Culture and Heritage


Recorded live at the National Library of New Zealand, 3 July 2019.


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